Titel: Till we meet again...RIP Biju21:58 - 10-03-2012
Biju left this world at 23 february 2012, We miss him so much the Memorialpage now has Biju's memorial. Bijus personal pages will remain here, we added a last story and 2 videoos.......

Titel: Maestro23:05 - 25-11-2011
updated last months showresults

Titel: RESULTS22:04 - 05-11-2011
Updated results from Maestro and Shakka's son Kirat

Titel: Results added20:46 - 21-09-2011
updated resultspage with Yentles and Maestro's last relsults, slowly updates for whole website will be added also...

Titel: Yentle21:12 - 15-03-2011
Updated the results page with Yentles results from USA, He went Winnerdog on 5 and 6 Feb 2011 and Best of Winners on 25 feb 2011, Way to go........

Titel: Happy Birthday23:24 - 04-11-2010
Happy birthday wishes to Kirat, Quintus, Djari and Castor, Shakka's 4 sons out of Paschdou's Yakirah.....1 Year old today!!!!

Titel: Background music16:06 - 29-10-2010
Enjoy our background music behind all pages

Titel: Maestros kids at vom Deilbachtal21:41 - 08-09-2010
pictures in photobook under kids from our males.... these stunning kiddos now are 17 male and one female available to a loving showhome.....

Titel: Iorek Fyrverkeri21:40 - 08-09-2010
Great news, Iorek Fyrverkeri, Shakkas young son won BIS3 puppy in Luxembourg 4 sept 2010..............

Titel: 9 week pics from Maestros kids @ Vom Deilbachtal21:20 - 09-07-2010
Pics are under kids from our males......1 girl and 1 boy are available to a loving (show) home, please contact us at

Titel: Shakkas Belgium kids21:20 - 03-07-2010
updated the resultpage with some great results from Shakka's Fyrverkerikids

Titel: New Storys22:35 - 12-05-2010
all 5 afs wrote an update on their own page, the latest story you find right under their introduction, hope you enjoy Their pedigree links are now on top of their page instead at the bottom, much easier for you to access. All photobooks and videobooks plus litterpage have tons of new stuff added also If you like the new updates please leave them a message in our guestbook.....

Titel: New pages and new born babys13:08 - 08-05-2010
We are so happy with maestros first ofspring, born at Vom Deilbachtal in Germany out of Serra Parecis Isabelle Adjani. They are the proud parents of 3 gorgeous girls and 3 stunning little boys in the colors black and tan and black and silver. We are also proud with our new addition, I'm Shakka Jr. Fyrverkeri, owned by Alf Refsum, Norway and co owned by us. This promising boy is a son from Shakka and out of Corazon del Ghyryo.......We at El Tayranil's wish Alf lots of fun with the Shakkacopy and we will follow his carreer and life on this website.......

Titel: KIRAT arrived in Dallas USA18:56 - 08-04-2010
Kirat, Shakkas Dutch son arrived safe and sound after a 12 hour trip at Dallas airport, his new mum and dad, Elise and David Toohey were alreaady waiting for him You can see Mr.Wag me Tail under fotobook, kids from our males and video under videobook, Shahkhan

Titel: MAESTRO becomes a daddy!!!!!10:08 - 08-04-2010
We are so pleased to announce Maestro (Way Up Mr.Mister) will become a daddy for the first time. The mum is Serra Parecis Isabelle Adjani, litter is expected around 10 may 2010 The breeder resides in Germany at Vom Deilbachtal Afghans

Titel: HAPPY BIRTHDAY19:16 - 01-04-2010
Happy 10th birthday biju, born 2 april 2000,

Titel: UPDATES18:22 - 04-03-2010
Updated Shakkas videobook with a clip of Djari, his creme domino son Ou of Paschdou's Yakirah Updated fotobook under kids of our males also, plus litterpage also fotobooks of Shakka Biju Maestro and yentle ge update

Titel: DJARI goes USA17:37 - 04-03-2010
Great and exciting news, Djari Shakkas creme domino son out of Paschdou's Yakirah will leave to USA in a month time. We like to thanks his new loving owners Elise Toohey from RafA Afghans and Laura Martin from Avalon Afgans from the bottom of hearts, for providing Djari the best and most exciting future we could have hoped for.............Thanks gals

Titel: Happy 2010 and more20:20 - 30-12-2009
Our new yearswish is online AND all 9 shakka Corazon babys with pics in fotobook under kids of our males....... It was the first official fotosession, so dont judge them too hard............

Titel: Shakka and Corazon puppys18:04 - 20-12-2009
Under litter now a picture of the 2 girls and one of the 7 boys @ 1.5 weeks young

Titel: FYRVERKERI I litter born in Belgium21:50 - 06-12-2009
Fyrverkeri Afghan Hounds and El Tayranils Afghan Hounds proudly announce the safe arrival of 2 girls and 7 boys out of OnlyOneWayMyWay and Corazon del Ghyryo........ for more info, email : or

Titel: Snazzy Pooch leads23:16 - 01-12-2009
This weeked my two Snazzy Pooch design leads arrived from Australia, They are stunning and look great on Maestro and Yentle, Thanks Kim for designing them for me, If you are interested in one as well check out

Titel: BOB Puppy11:02 - 09-11-2009
Yentle won BOB Puppy at the CACIB show in Bleiswijk (NL) Well done big man, we are so proud..............

Titel: Cora is pregnant19:27 - 02-11-2009
Yippie we are pregnant!!!!! Corazon del Ghyryo is confirmed to be in whelp from our Shakka (ONLYONEWAYMYWAY) for more info see litterpage

Titel: MATED Shakka and Corazon del Ghyryo20:26 - 10-10-2009
We like to announce that Shakka mated Corazon del Ghyryo on 7 and 9 oct 2009, Fingers crossed that beautiful babys will be born around 10 december 2009

Titel: PLANNED LITTER @Fyrverkeri Afghans21:12 - 29-09-2009
We are very proud to announce a planned litter between Nr.It.CH. OnlyOneWayMyWay and Corazon del Ghyryo. This will be a very exciting combination, as it will combine the very best of old vdOM, Scandinavian and American bloodlines. We expect powerful movements, good solid construction and typical afghan temperament. Corazon is littersister to CH.Cayra, Ch.Cyra and CH. Chivas from the succesful Del Ghyryo C -Litter. for more information contact Fyrverkeri Afghans, email : or us at

Titel: 6 months already.....08:49 - 27-08-2009
we have a party, Yentle, Shakka's domino babyson reached the tender age of 6 months today, HAPPY halve birthday sweety

Titel: Dieren all breed show 23 aug17:39 - 25-08-2009
Maestro and Yentle had a nice day at show, Maestro won BIS3 over approx 200 dogs and baby Yentle shown for the first time and handled for the very first time by his young co owner Michelle did well. They won best baby of breed, but couldnt repeat that for BIS baby because Yentle was badly attacked by a vicious dog just before he went in the ring.

Titel: Donaueschingen 200919:21 - 06-08-2009
What a weekend,
Maestro won his class both days, first day he won VDH CC AND res.CC over specials and the second day he won his class and VDH CC
Together with Way Up Vanilla Fadge (his twinsister) he took both days BEST BRACE Donaueschingen 2009.
Results are updated with pics.

Titel: TONS of updates21:01 - 28-06-2009
I updated all pages in fotobook AND all individual pages with a new story.......dont forget to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the latest story.

The 4 boys say they appreciate a note in our guestbook.........

Titel: SEMEN available20:21 - 12-05-2009
Semen from Shakka and Maestro is now available in the USA
For more info mail us at

Titel: videoclips20:19 - 12-05-2009
I started to add links for the videoclips from shows on the resultspage
Have a look and come back in a few days for clips added to earlier results

Titel: tons of updates11:05 - 29-04-2009
new pic from Shakkas kids in fotobook under kids from our males.
Maestro won 2 junior CCs and a res CC at two Dutch shows in 1.5 weeks time.
He is now Dutch Junior Ch. Way Up Mr.Mister
Theres pics under results

Titel: Grace21:47 - 11-03-2009
Added the first pic in the new fotobook, called kids from our males, more pics from Shakkas latest kids will be added very soon,

Titel: Puppy's are born at 26 of February 200921:40 - 26-02-2009
Hi All,

We are so happy we can announce the safe arrival of 9 puppy's today the 26th of february 2009.
Proud mum Dont Talk Just Kiss and even more proud daddy OnlyOneWayMyWay are now mum and daddy to 2 DOMINO boys, 1 black and tan boy, 3 highly marked black and tan girls and 3 probably black and silver girls.

Titel: maestro's first show19:22 - 01-06-2008
Maestro showed himself of today and won BOBpuppy and BIS4 puppy,
He was very full of himself and very pleased with himself and.......very naughty once in a while, hahahaha, but everyone who met him fell in love with the guy

Titel: maestro on the move18:52 - 19-04-2008
added videoclip to videobook, under Maestro

Titel: adverts online09:51 - 16-04-2008
Paula Kenny and me did some lovely adverts on Shakka and Diva (Alphaville's The Ultimate Creation) and the new young Italian crew Maestro and Stella (Way Up Ultimate Love)

you find them at and

More about Diva and Stella you can see at

We have updated all personal pages in the Fotobook as well as Maestro's introduction on his personal page,

Hope you enjoy!

Titel: Shahkhan March 200820:18 - 14-04-2008
Without words

Titel: happy birthday Biju20:42 - 01-04-2008
Biju will be eight years young at 2-4-2008

Bless you Biju have a great birthday and many more to come

Titel: happpy sixth birtday Tinah22:31 - 07-03-2008
Tinah (Nadjafi von den Black devils) is 6 years old today, happy birthday hunny and many many more to come.

Titel: He's Here11:10 - 29-01-2008
Way up Mr. Mister, the Maestro!!!!!!!!!!!!

Titel: Guestbook back online17:35 - 13-01-2008
After lots of trouble with spam the guestbook is back online, hopefully we won't get this trouble again.

Of course we hope you will pop in there and leave a message....

Titel: happy 200820:16 - 28-12-2007
Updated startpage with the Newyearswish from Biju Tinah Shakka and ??????????? and of course all humans at El Tayranil's

Titel: Shakka22:06 - 23-09-2007
Startpage updated with Shakka and resultpage updated with his results.

Titel: Shakkas Italian results21:11 - 20-09-2007
Added Shakkas Italian wins from last weekend,
We are so proud of him, one CC more and he will be Italian Champ,

Titel: Tribute for Rani20:53 - 06-09-2007
Finally Rani's tribute is online.
She now is re-united with her buddies Nilam and Tayfun on the memoriampage like she already was at the other side of the bridge..........
We will always miss her, but thanks to this website she will never be far away...........

Titel: Princess Rani00:29 - 11-08-2007
Yesterday our beloved princess Rani (Herani Harasi Fatinat al Sjark) left this world to join Nilam and Tayfun at the other side of the rainbowbridge
Rani was almost 12 years old and will be missed dearly by all of us ( people and hounds)

Titel: finally done22:26 - 20-07-2007
Stories are back and updated..........most work done now

Titel: update results and fotobook21:48 - 16-07-2007
Finally, it was a hell of a job, but all pics in their fotobooks and all results are back online and updated.

allow me a few days to update their personal stories please and drop by again afterwards.

Titel: SPECIAL WEEKEND21:16 - 29-04-2007

Titel: updated results11:08 - 24-04-2007
After losing the website, all the results including pics are back online.

Titel: Shakka's workingholiday21:54 - 23-04-2007
Shakka is on holidays in Italy, beside enjoying himself bigtime he has to work sometimes as well,
last sunday Agnese showed him at the CCshow in Lecco.
Shakka won his second Italian CC and won BOB over his gorgious sister Dasy (Vain Jane)
Together the stunning couple won 3th BIS brace
Way to go Shakka and Agnese.

Titel: Happy Birtday10:42 - 02-04-2007
Our Biju is today 7 years young JIPPIE

Titel: almost lost website21:33 - 29-03-2007
we almost lost our whole website, its only thanks to the server that we are back online, but you will miss the recent updates, we need to start updating most of the site again, come back later, it will take some time to add all the things we lost.