Dutch and German CH. Bixente-Biju Rasath el Mahar
02-04-2000 - 23-02-2012

                Old fashioned beauty to admire
                Black masked Red
                Noserubbing on our knees
                Begging to scratch your topknot
                Sweet old face, snuggling in my lap
                Crazy five minuts

                Words to express how we miss you


The memory of your love, strenght, warmth, faithfulness and
                Wild Beauty

The RADIANT, forever memory of almost 12 fantastic years with YOU


Now it is time to run free and catch up with your beloved friends in Heaven


Mum, Dad, Daniel and Dennis
Shakka, Maestro and Yentle

Shakkas puppies

Way Up Miami Vice
Way Up Ally Mc.Beal
Way Up Desperate Housewife
Way Up Sex ´n the City

These four precious baby´s out of Shakka and Alida
Lost their struggle to survive and
Passed away at only 11 weeks of age in Italy

We are devastated.....

Sleep tight little ones,

Han Gonny and
Daddy Shakka

For the most beautiful girl ever
Nadjafi von den Black Devils
8 march 2002 - 15 september 2008

Words fail us
We miss you so much
Life misses you.....................................

Dear, hunting, sweet, tough, nosey, independant, noisy,arrogant,
gorgeous, guarding, lively, naughty, fast, proud, sensitive, cuddly,
intelligent, loving and wild Afghangirl.......

No Rainbow will ever look the same
After you passed away

Every time the fire shines through those glorious colors
It reminds us of you forever

mum and daddy

Herani Harasi Fatinat al Sjark

Dearest Rani
Beautiful Princess

You made us
....obey and respect you

You gave us

You taught us admire and respect
not only you
....the afghan hound in general

You made us realise, there will never be enough words to express much we loved you much we miss you

Thank you Rani for loving us almost 12 years long
We will never forget you.................
Sleep tight sweetheart...............

mum and dad,
Biju, Tinah and Shakka

20-08-1997 - 24-10-2001

Why so young

Goodbye Tay

So young, a live that ended so soon
But yet so intense

You were special :
One moment The Godfather, proud and independent
Then back to little Tay:
A bit frightened and insecure

But always: our TAYFUN

You knew a lot of healthproblems
But you also had great times with your pals
Rani, Nilam and Biju

All those times you felt great
And played and ran like a puppy through your playground
Because when you played it was YOUR playground

Your last two months were really awful
You experienced great pains,
Became aggressive at times or even confused
You didn?t understand yourself and us anymore
This sort of epilepsy can?t be understood!

Little Tay,
Shadow of the Godfather
You were still so dear to all of us
But you couldn?t go on like that

We let you go???much to soon

Dear Tayfun, be the Godfather again
Wherever you are now!
We are proud of you
And you will always be with us in our hearts.

Goodbye Tay

12-04-1991- 05-08-2000

King of our family, of our Afghans is no

Niel came unexpected and yet naturally in our family when he was six
years old. An Afghan on top of the world: Proud, Independent and once
in a while a little Arrogant but always the wise and sensitive one.
Nieltje wasn't a real show-dog, he was an AFGHAN and a real strong
personality. He listened to what you had to tell and grumbled his
answer. Nieltje always was there for everyone: his people, his bitch
Rani and his big puppy Tayfun, even little Biju recognized the
teacher that Nilam was. We had the honour of living with Nilam for 3
years watching him lay on his couch, sighing with us when the other
three dogs were naughty and he comforted us during the last really
hard six months. Now was his time to leave us: four braininfarcts
over six hours caused his dead. Too fast and too soon for him and for

Nieltje, stud, thank you for the years you spent together with us.

We all miss you incredibly.
Your buddies, Rani, Tayfun and Biju
Han, Gonny, Daniel and Dennis