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Shakka Junior
Shakka Junior
It had to happen sooner or later. One of Shakka's pups was so like his dad that you couldn't see the difference. That pup is me. I came from the mating of Shakka (Way Up Only One Way My Way) and Corazon (Corazon Del Ghyryo), and Gonny said it was like seeing Shakka as pup all over again. The name they gave me was ImShakkaJR Fyrverkeri, and I am called Shakka. Gonny and Alf, my owners, thought to call me Junior, but my breeder calls me Shakka, so Shakka I will stay.

It is a hard act to follow in dads footsteps, as he is a great afghan, with super movements, and difficult to stack. They will probably have learned a thing or two from Shakka growing up, and know how to teach me how to stack properly.

I will move to Norway, where Alf lives, probably in August, as they require me to have a lot of vaccines and stuff before I move there. Meanwhile I live with Marina van Mol, my breeder, her family, and my family at the Fyrverkeri Kennel in Belgium. 

I even get to go to some shows and stuff like that. That is fun, at least when I win. One of Alfs friends called me a real Showman. I hope that is a good thing, as I just did what I like to do. And they are talking about a big show in Denmark with lots of dogs. Maybe Alf will come and have a look. I am looking forward to that.

Alf has also got 2 other afghans, but they are a bit older. I hope they like to play games.
I heard I  have a reserve mum in Holland, she is daddy Shakka's mum.
She also says that Alf and me will have lots of fun.
She told me Norway is a beautiful country and the people are really friendly there, BUT she warned me to bring a warm coat because Norway is even colder then Belgium......(hmmmm)
Wellllllllll...........IF daddy passed on ALL his genes, I will defenitely bring my wintercoat with me.....NO worries..
This is supposed to be a short intro, so I end with telling you all:
later this year
The Best Is Yet To Come Daddy Alf
your Shakka

Hellloooo here is Shakka jr!!!!!!!!!!2011-01-02 - 22:25

I should have written long time ago to update you, But I have been sooo busy in my new home in Norway.


I arrived in Oslo 16 september 2010, accompagnied from my breedermommy Marina and my co-mum and dad, Gonny and Han.


It was sooo exciting to meet my new daddy Alf Refsum at the airport in Oslo and I think Alf felt the same.

Daddy and me had in immediate click, we just loved eachother at first sight.

After an hour drive we arrived at my new home in Oslo, and ohhh gosh surprise!!!

There were two new afghan friends waiting for me.


Tommy and Uno are such sweet boys, they accepted me from minut one, and now we share everything, Daddy, toys and most of all FOOD……


Yes food, it has to be in my genes, Im sure daddy Shakka past them on in a high amount, I love food and since I arrived Daddy Alf cannot leave the door to the kitchen open when theres any food to steal……Im very good at finding stuff……and several times I have saved daddy from gaining weight by eating most of his meal…..YEAH!!!!!


I love all the walkies we make, and my favourite walk is to the big parc in Oslo, where sometimes I am allowed to go of leash and run free.


Co-mum and Han visited me a week before my first birthday, that was such fun…….I sure hope they will visit me frequently.


At the moment Alf and me are practising for shows, I wasn’t ready for it yet, BUT Im convinced I will meet you all in 2011 somewhere at a show.


I want to wish you all a great and healthy 2011 oh andddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

In about 40 minuts its Daddy Alfs birthday!!!!!!


Happpy birthday dear Daddy, I love you,

Big paw and wetty kisses from your Shakka…….


Bring out the birthdaycake DAD!!!!!!!!

Oh and dad?????????, my timing is slightly wrong but better 24 hours early, in case ya forgot cake??????????????????????