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Ciao people,

I am Shahkhan......

My pedigreename is Only One Way My Way and I am born in Italy on 7 th of june 2004.
My breeder is Agnese della Rocca.
My mum and dad are Kouros Hannah and Mr. Fairy Fab Dandy Fancy del Gran Pamir.
In my pedigree you find mainly Boxadanblood together with El Khyrias and Summerwind.
I arrived safely with my new mum and dad on an airplane in Holland the 29th of august.

I cant write a lot at this moment because I need time to get to know my new friends.......I hope they will like me.....

Check my page lateron again to see my pedigree, pictures, video and stories,


Busy being daddy2010-05-12 - 22:32
Helloooooooooo, this is Shakka,
I have been extremely busy last year……not sure where to start……
I told you I became daddy in Italy and Holland,
My son Yentle came to live with us last year and I honestly wanted to teach him stuff.
But I have been so busy with other things, I had to leave the education to young Maestro, who did a superjob, I must admit.
In November 2009 I became daddy of 4 lovely boys out of Paschdou’s Yakirah and I am proud I can tell you that Kirat, the cream domino boy, went to live in Texas USA with Elise and David Toohey, Rafa Hounds.
According all pics and updates Kirat has a wonderful live there and im very grateful to his new owners, who gave Kirat this great ooportunity.
A month later 2 daughters and 7 sons were born in Belgium @ Fyrverkeri Afghans, out of the lovely Corazon del Ghyryo.
I was over the moon when mum told me Marina van Mol, the breeder, was soo pleased with this litter, that she decided to keep one girl and two stunning boys.
The other gorgeous girl, It’s My Way Fyrverkeri went to live with my breedermummy at Way Up in Italy and to top all this my carboncopy I’m Shakka JR. Fyrverkeri will move to Norway in august to live with Alf Refsum, and my very own human mum and dad will be Shakka Jr. co owners.
That’s why Shakka Junior now has his place on our website, I know it did upset Yentle bigtime, poor lad, I had to explain over and over what co owner means and that Shakka Jr. deserves a page here.
Jealous little devil, that domino son of mine!!!!!
Yentle is watching in front of the kitchengate rightnow, I better say goodbye and join him quickly,
Speak later
DADDY SHAKKA2009-06-28 - 21:00



Here I am, daddy Shakka.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know I promised you to be back in the showrings after my last specialtywin, Im sorry if I disappointed you not keeping my promise.


I have to admit I dont particular like the stackpart in showing and mum says it drives her insane and she dont like to fight my stubborness.


Hhahahahaha, who cares, I had other things on my mind, Im now DADDYYYYYYYYY Shakka

My first baby's are born in Italy at Way Up in sept 2008 and 9 more came in Holland at Silly Putty's.

Im so proud of all of them and guessssssssssssssss whattttttttttttttttttttttttttt??????????????


2 of the Dutch baby's I had with Guya (Dont't Talk Just Kiss) in Holland are domino's

Mum phoned me to tell me and I was gobsmacked, I never thought i could produce domino's hahahahaha


Well, of course mum and dad had to have one of those boys, they promised me for weeks NOT to have one BUT when they saw my first born son they couldnt resist him.


No surprise.........after all he is my son and on top of that his pedigreename is Silly Putty's WOMANIZER........


Good job we have Maestro here, so I can simply ignore this ennoying little creature for a while untill he got the message that Im in charge here.


Perhaps you will see me in a showring later this year or next year but to be honest I rather leave that to Maestro and perhaps young Yentle,


I will concentrate on staying topdog here and rule everything, including mum and dad,


So far for now, Im of to bed,


Daddy Shakka

I did it AGAIN!!!!!2008-04-13 - 09:51
I told ya i was going to go to Italy again perhaps......

Well i did, this time i flew there with mum and dad.

We met agnese in Naples to do 2 shows in one weekend.

Well, i can only say it was a thrill, Agnese and me won the Specialty CC on saturday the 15th september 2007,

The icing on the cake was the 16th september. Me and agnese won the CC, CACIB, BOB and Group 3 at the in Campobasso 9 Italy).

We were over the moon, because I now need only one more CC to complete my Italian Championship.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh mum is drawing my attention while Im writing, she wants me to tell you all that she is extremely grateful to my breeder Agnese Della Rocca (Way Up) in Italy, who co-owns me too, for handling me to perfection this weekend.

LOL Perfect????????, ok I did the best I could but I hate it when people think I could be perfect, it simply dont fit me hahhaahhahaha,

Anyway, Im back home in Holland now, and Im going to enjoy my wins during winter, waiting for mum and dad to save some money to finish my championship in Italy. I only hope it wont effect the food and treats i normally get hihihihi,

Bye guys

Your near Ch.Shakka
HOME SWEET HOME2007-07-20 - 16:04

I indeed enjoyed my holidays in Italy bigtime.
I stayed for 6 weeks, played till I dropped, made everybody laugh till THEY dropped and attended some shows as well.
The results from these shows you can find on the resultpage, I wont list them here, but I can assure you Agnese and me did pretty well.

Agnese and mum believe Im finally maturing and more important, I grew some brains........!!!
Well, maybe I did, but I wont do it fast......just to ennoy them a little longer, hahahahahaha.....sorry mum, sorry Agnese you better skip this line.

I love to act like a pup because that garantuees a lot of attention and affection.
And thats exactly what Im after!

Mum and me started 2007 in a nice way.
We entered an all breed open show in Holland and we won BOB, BIG and BIS4.
Thank you so much Mrs. Assenmacher..........

OK, enough chitchat, rightnow I need to play, eat, sleep and tease, but I will be back for more updates.
Not sure when tough because mum promised me I can have a springholiday in Italy.
So if you live overthere look out for me and come and say hello.........

See you, big kisses, SHAKKA


And indeed.....I went back to Agnese in april for some more shows and lots of playtime with my family (read girls)

Agnese and me had a fabulous time showing........winning 2 CCs, 1 res CC and 1 res CACIB.
Together with my twinsister Dasy ( Vain Jane) I won a 3BIS for braces.
Such fun to do, altough I strongly doubt if Agnese agrees with that.....hahahahahahahaaaaa

The very best thing that happened to us was winning FCIgroup 10....boy what a thrill.
We want to say thank you Mr. Andres Brace from UK for awarding me this first groupwin!!!!!!!!

Im returned home in june 2007, enjoying a lazy summer but perhaps I will show up again in Italy later this year.....

Byeeee byeee, LAZY SHAKKA
Big Bear2007-07-17 - 19:35
BIG BEAR in 2006

Halihaloooooooo its me....Shakka aka Chuckie aka Hairbear.

I did alot of growing up since last year.
Being 2 years old I now look like a big hairbear instead of a babybear...hahahahaha

I'm still crazy, don't worry. I promise that will never change, although I'm sure mum and dad would love me to grow brains instead of hair.

I have been to a few shows, won some and some not LOL, all depending if I decided to behave or not!!!!
Mum says I can be an awful stubborn monster on the stack, and yup I admit: "Quiltyyyy"
I love to move, honest I do, but Im not the patient type if it comes to spoiling my time being stacked.
It has become obvious that many judges dont appreciate stubborn silly youngsters.
Shame, where did the days go that young Afghans were allowed to act and look like young Afghans????

Mum says that because I'm silly she won't show me that much rightnow.
Rather that, she says, then try to drill me into a perfect thing thats stuffed with Duracell batteries.....hahahahaha, she's sooo funnyyyy

In august I will probably go on holidays to my breeder Agnese in Italy.
I'm looking foward to it because Agnese has a hug garden and some nice afghangirls and youngsters around to play with...
Will be fun to show Agnese how naughty I am.

Perhaps Agnese will dare to enter me for some shows and then I can upset her a little like I do with mum......

I know, I know.....I sound like a nightmare, but Im a good boy.......I am simply


with 2 important tasks in life....Steal and make you laugh!!!!!!!!!

Italian Stallion2005-06-17 - 15:24
Bon gioronooooooooooooooooooo,

Geee I tought mum would never give me something to write with.
She kept saying I was too young to write properly, but she seems to realise I am growing wise now.
Lots happened since I arrived last year August.

Mum says I have been a real pain the first 4 months and honest I cant remember what I did wrong.
OK, have to admit I barked in the garden when I was alone with the other affies, but she cannot blame me for it.....who can get used to 4 blackmask reds being a gorgious black and tan himself????????
And barking in the nights, OK true too, I barked a lot. but again who wouldnt if they feel abbandoned by their mum??????
I am much better now, you have to believe me, but mum still moans about me barking in the garden.
She still dont get it...altough its sooo obvious:

Sure, the reds are ok and nice to play with but they cannot replace my mum ever/

Oh and yes, I still steal everything available when I am in the house, I need something to play with and I need to draw her attention....
I am quite a stubborn guy, thats probably in my name, its their punishment for naming me
doing that they asked for trouble hihihihihihi

I have lots of different names now, my real petname is Shakka, but i react to lots others too, for, Dodo, Chuckie, Kaka (sorry bit embarrassing yes) and lately my breeder Agnese called me Italian Stallion........must admit I prefer the first and last one best!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and mum did a few shows this year although I am still a veryyy silly baby.....and we had some nice results.

In january I won Best pup in Breed and was within the 4 selected pups for BISpuppy...not too bad concidering the judge wasnt an Afghanjudge and there were lots puppies of all different breeds.
After that one I won best puppydog at another open show.

In june 2005 we went to Italy to visit my first mummy (my breeder Agnese) and we enetered a show too in Italy.
Together with Agnese I won juniorclass.
I was soooooo good But Agnese told me I was a pain to stack.....Well, she cant have it all can she?
I moved perfectly because moving is fun, who can expect me to stand still for longer then 5 seconds?????
If you think I are stupid tooooooo hahahahahahahahha
That was the exact moment Agnese mentioned my new name in despair I think...Italian Stallion, guess it wasnt ment nicely LOL but I still like it.

Last week we did another open show here in Holland, again I won juniorclass and again I behaved very well on the move..and again...........
Yup you guessed right...............

I dont stack, nononononononononononono, defenitely NOT

Mum says I am stubborn to the bone, I think its my age...I have to try and stay in charge for as long as possible.

So, I wrote enough for a first time, have to play a little with Biju, Yanky and Tinah before they start to believe I am calming down...........

Ciaoooooooooooooooooo ragazzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee