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Mum and dad asked me to introduce myself to you all.

I am Silly Putty's Womanizer aka Yentle, I was born in Holland and my breedermum is Sandra Pelsdonk

My daddy is called Shakka and my mum Guya.

Both my dad and mum were bred in Italy by Way Up.

My color is called domino and I was the first born and carried  Allah's Kiss, my brother Sekke (Silly Putty's Ladykiller) is domino as well, but darker,

we and our people cant wait to see what final color we will have when we mature.


My human mum and dad own my daddy Shakka, but they had no intention at all to have me or any of my brothers and sisters.

Mum has been very sick I heard, and thats why they couldnt have one of Shakkas baby's


A few weeks ago I visited with my brother and sister and mum and dad fell in love with me.......

Or should I say I worked my magic and made them fall in love with me?????????

After all my name is WOMANIZER hahahaha


Anyway, They decided there and then to keep me and now i live here with Biju, Daddy Shakka and Maestro.

Boy life is great here, so many doggies to play with in the garden.

I hope you will visit my page more often to read my adventures and watch me grow,

Kisses from Yentle

HAPPY 20112011-01-02 - 21:51

This time i send my newyears wish all the way from USA…..

YES, you read it perfectly right……ME, Yentle has moved to the New World for a few months.


Marina and Horace Pearce @ Shalomar Afghan and Borzoi in Maryland look after me for a while.


Im a resident of White Hall since 22 dec 2010 and I share the Pearce property with 4 afghans and 3 borzois…….which is noooo problem at all in such a huge house and so many acres to run.


I get along with everybody, 2 legged and 4 legged, very well


Of course I have my preferences, I decided to adopt reserve daddy Horace to be my faithful slave and after 2 weeks it looks like I succeeded very well.


Between you and me……I simply wrapped him around my hairy paw!!!!!, but hey don’t tell Horace, please let him believe he was the one that started the charm offence……


Marina and Horace will also enter me in a few shows I heard……well I cant wait, sounds very exciting,


If you happen to be at the same show as me, please come and say hello, I love everyone and Im always willing to share a HIGH FIVE…..


But right now  its time to wrap myself around Horace in OUR favourite chair for a quick nap,

and if ya interested you can also find updates at click my name on the startpage and you find my story, pics and pedigree


Hope to see you all soon,

“SIR” Yentle

(yeah, Sir!! that’s my new USA nickname)


QUICK NOTE2010-05-12 - 22:15
Just a quick note from me here,
Im slowly maturing a little and I enjoy life playing with Maestro, Biju and Daddy Shakka.
Mum told me she entered me for a couple of shows this summer in juniorclass because I so much enjoy those days out.
In april I won my first JuniorCC, handled by Emilie van Campenhout, she did a great job, and gosh did we have fun together.
I saw that mum and dads website now also has a page for Shakka Junior and I must admit I was a bit shocked.
But Shakka told me that this boy will leave to Norway soon and is not coming to live with us.
Shakka explained me my mum is Juniors co-owner and Alf Refsum is his owner, and that’s with whom Junior is going to live…….pfuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Thank goodness for THAT!!!!!!!!!
Something is going on in the kitchen rightnow so I better go and check it out…it could have something to do with FOOD…..
Kisses from your Yentle
Yentles Update2010-02-09 - 23:13


Hellloooooo worlddddddddd

Here is my update:

I enjoyed summer and did a lot of growing, sizewise and coatwise.....nooo sorry brains not yet............

In november mum and dad took me to my first official show, I was very excited, but I must admit I was a bit surprised and overwhelmed with all the noise and alll those strange?? dogs.....most didnt look anything like me.....let alone all the humans that wanted to stroke me....hmmmmmm not so sure i like that if they are not invited to.

Why does everybody think I just have to accept that for granted? I am an afghan and I decide who I like and who not!!!!

But all in all it was a great day.....Auntie Paula handled me en together we won Best Puppy in Breed.

In december we had visitors from Norway......and gosh I think they fell in love with me....There were so many ohhs and ahhsss.

I think Im going to live up to my name.....although Womanizer of course only covers halve of the humans.

And i just know there are men outthere that are dazzled by me tooooooooo.

In february 2010 we went to a show again, it was my first time out in junior and with Kelly de Meijer ( who by the way had pocketssss full of liver!!!!!!) we got a second place with excellent qualification in Juniorclass.

I liked it soo much, and I now get used to the eyecatcherstatus, It is something you have to accept and enjoy, and believe me I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I grew into a veryyy leggy and big boy, so mum and dad will be careful as to where and when they enter me for shows, but Im confident that you will see me several times this year....if you see me, please come for a high five???????

Im very goood at that..........

Big kisses, love you al