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Biju †
At last I get the chance to introduce myself:

I am the baby: Biju!! I am born at 2 April 2000

I am the toy of Rani and Tayfun. Because those two were becomming a
little lazy, mom and dad decided I would fit right in to place. They
searched a very long time for me,
but sometimes I wonder if they are really happy to have me, because
they can yell at me like I've eaten one of the cats or something.
Though in real life I am sweet and most of all very nice.
Outside I play with Tayfun, he is a super cool dude.
A friend I can really run with trough the kennel. When he is tired
the time is there to go inside.

Inside Rani and I do our thing. We are redecorating the livingroom.
We decided to give the walls a few black stripes with our paws and a
mightly fine job it was if I may say it myself. The couch.........aah
that's our crown piece.
We are giving it a darker colour, but everytime we get the right
colour on it with a few paws filled with mud and sand,
mommy washes it off with towel and water. I don't think she knows
what we're trying to do, a real shame!!!!!
The table had round curves and I decided to make it a perfect square.
My most recent project is the carpet. I put some nice holes in it on
a few different spots. Rani is now showing me how to move the couch
to the kitchen, just by jumping on it. I really have some trouble
learning. To sum things up I am enjoying myself bigtime! The only
negative thing is that mom, dad and the kids don't want to under-
stand that I am the boss. So I have to work on that.
My people have a lot of plans to make my life a real joy.
They want to take me to shows and to coursing. And when I've grown a
little they want to take me to agility courses. Well thats all fine
with me as long as I have enough time to continue redecorating the
house and the yard.

SAD UPDATE2012-03-07 - 22:29


This is going to be the last time we will update Biju's page,

No story from Biju himself anymore..........

Biju passed away 23 february 2012 at the age of almost 12 years.

Biju, or officialy Dutch and German CH. Bixente-Biju Rasath el Mahar came to live with us as a 3 months young handsome macho puppy.

Together we won the required CC's for boths his Championships. It was an absolute fantastic experience and joy to handle Biju, who loved to be in the showring.

Since he was 3 years Biju struggled with a very low thyroid and he sometimes had trouble digesting his food in the right way.
All this never stopped him of being a happy, playful dog all his life.

With Biju the era of living with a vdOM afghan has come to an end,

We will sorely miss his strong but so sweet presence in our family........

BIJU (Joep) you were amazing in many ways, have a safe trip to a better world, where you will be reunited with your alter ego Nilam, your big love Tinah, your adopted mum Rani and your playmate Tayfun.

TILL WE MEET AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOTE FROM AN OLD MAN2012-03-07 - 22:13



Hi, I am so sorry i didnt update you for such long time.


You have to blame my mum, who is on Facebook quite alot BUT never considered to teach me how to use it.


I have been waiting and waiting untill she finally logged in on the El Tayranil's website and finally rightnow I am able to sneak in and update my own page

I honestly dont complain about it, but i know you like to see a quick note on regular base.


Ok, here I am and i can tell you Im doing fine although my backlegs get a little weaker and i see a little less.

But who cares about the old age problems as long there is a sofa to lay on and access to the garden in short distance of my sofa.


The other boys respect my age and minor issues very well and just do their own thing without ennoying me.


I have to say that at the moment I do miss Maestro a bit.....he adopted me as his dad/granddad when he was a baby and was never far away from me.

Sadly he resides in Italy for a while, Im sure he has no problems with it, he is an adult now and can do his own things.

For me its a bit different, I miss him around and miss the moments he layed on top of me like he still was a baby.


Mum and dad say that he will be back soon, and that perhaps then i will moan again about him sleeping on top of my old bones.


Have some good news to share also.......


At last mum and dad decided that it was getting to hard for me to stand on the table for groomingsessions....SOOOOOOOOO


YEAH they clipped my coat and now I am low maintenance....Yipppieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Enough for now, If ou speak my mum please tell her to log in to my website a bit more because I love to write a short note now and then...


Thank you,



10 years young2010-05-12 - 21:36
A decennia later,
In april 2010 I became 10 years of age,
Amazing how time flies, but as you can see in my introductionpicture, that was taken at my 10th birthday, I am still going strong.
I love to play and chase the others on occasion, even more because the weather finally is a little better…..and spring is in the air.
Little pup Yentle, whom I told you about last year grew up and by far hasn’t been as annoying as young Maestro used to be.
Young Maestro……awww I still remember him as a baby, curling up between my legs and now that same Maestro became a daddy in Germany.
It makes one realise how fast time goes by,
BUT I love life and the other week Daddy took be for a trip next to the bycicle….hahaha pooor Daddy, he gets older also…..He still struggles to control me during those rides…..
My eyes are definitely a hell of a lot better then his, I still see every dog and moving object much faster then he can……………..
And Im still able to pull him from that bycicle by surprise, hihihihi
Have to be alittle careful with that because I heard Daddy say he didn’t think its funny at all and I don’t want him to quit those nice little rides with him,
So guess I need to respect my humans old age and don’t these them too much….
Bedtime here, mum just tells me she bought me a new softtttt thick bed to sleep on, yippyyyyyyyyy
OLD BUT HAPPY2009-06-28 - 20:31

Hi you,


They say I have to write a little note here again....sighhhhh, Im old already and retired, so whyyyyyyyy do I need to write an update?


Im enjoying my lazy life most of the time, and sometimes I have a short play with Maestro, Shakka and the new kid..


YESSSSSSS "they"have a new afghanbaby here, apparently he is Shakka's son............Im not so sure yet if im pleased with this new thing although he doesnt seem to be as bad as Maestro, who still drags me around by my collar once in a while and who still uses me as a soft bed.....

Gosh, the things I have to cope with............


I heard Maestro already told you that mum was sick for long time, and that we lost Tinah to breastcancer in the same period.

All so heartbreaking and I miss Tinah so much....she was my "soulmate"always.


I dont do shows anymore, I get so excited if I do that my tummy hurts for a week after.........

I just enjoy life in a relaxed way and I love it,


You have to excuse me now, its close to bedtime, and I need to have a drink before,




Retired!!!......???2006-06-05 - 18:56

Since I returned from my holiday in Italy a lot did happen.
I went to a few more shows and was able to win BIS 3 times in a row.
On top of that I won a Best Champ in Show.

After those achievements mum and dad decided to retire me for a while.
I did the best I could and achieved quite a lot and they see no point in dragging me from show to show only to win more CCs.
But you never know, if some nice show comes up..........I could be back.
Im in full coat, so its only a matter of bath, good groom, hop in the car and enjoy a day out.

Things have settled down at home after Yanky has been rehomed.
I hate to admit this, but the years we lived together have not been easy for me.
Yanky never liked me from the start and we had several fights over the past 2 years.
We both tried to ignore eachother most of times but he was so complicated to live with, nobody ever understood the reasons that triggered him to start fights or arguments.
Poor lad, I think he would have loved to be different and less nervous.

Nowadays I enjoy peace, play with Shakka and Tinah, enjoy my lazy chair a bit more then I used to.

Being six years old I think I deserve a little special attention.
I lost 2 of my littersisters this year, it makes me realise life is precious and can be short....... its very important to enjoy every single second and get the best out of it..........

Thats exactly what Im going to do rightnow......

Stay healthy and enjoy life
BISju2005-06-16 - 19:55
Hello guys,

Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee its been ages since I was here to tell you about myself.
Mind you, this is gonna be along and veryyyy bragging story..hihihihihi

Being my old healthy self again since aug. 2003 mum and me decided to do some more shows in 2004, apparently that was a terrific idea......stay tuned and I tell you all about it.

In march 2004 we started to visit a German CCshow and I won my third German CC under judge Mr.Brandt from Germany.
Future looked bright, we did our next show in may 2004 under the same judge with as result my fourth CC.

That entitled me to call myself GERMAN CHAMPION

Mum and dad were over the moon and after a short chat with me, we agreed on trying to convince Holland of my superior qualities ( ouchhhhhhhhhhhhh does that sound tooooo arrogant????)
In june 2004 we enter the CACIBshow in Arnhem where Mrs. Brooymans-Schallenberg decided she likes me enough to award me CC, BOS, and BOB.
Mr v.d. Broek places me 2th in group and my day is a golden one!!!!
This CC is my third Dutch one and theres only one to go to make me a Champ in Holland too.
In november 2004 in Bleiswijk the dream comes true.....Mrs. van Gellicun awards me CC, BOS and BOB, later Mrs.Jórgenson from Sweden places me 7th in group.

Now its a fact......
I am allowed to carry the titles DUTCH AND GERMAN CHAMPION,
Something that isnt achieved very often by a Dutch Afghan owned by a simple owner like my mum, who doesnt judge nore breed.

Good job mummy........we make a superteam together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course now the funpart starts, in 2005 mum and me enter some open all breedshows, they are more for fun only and dont award any CCs.

The first open allbreedshow is in april in Zutphen.
Thanks to Mr.v.d. Snee I win BOB and BIG and then BIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The BIS is judged by all judges that day and together they decide I am the best, most beautiful dog of the show.
It feels super and we are all excited and enter a second open all breedshow in june 2005.
Ohhhhhh Miracle.........IT HAPPENS AGAIN!!!!!! would you believe it...something I didnt even dare to dream of.........................
Mrs van Gellicum makes me BOB and BIG and again all judges present that day, together decide I am worth winning BIS again.

I have to admit I feel a bit arrogant now, watching poor Tinah Yanky and Shakka hahahahahahahaha, but I am a good guy and I promise I'll be nice for them as long as they show me the respect I deserve!!!!!!!!!!

Oh nearly forgot to tell, I went to Italy together with Shakka in june, to visit Shakka's breeder and at the same time attend a CCshow in Baveno.
Judge was Mr Rivolta from Italy.
I won Championclass, and BOS over Shakka, who won his juniorclass.
BOB went to a gorgious girl Miss Fair N Fire del Gran Pamir, who is Shakka's aunt,
she really deserved to win BOB.

Enough for now, my paw hurts from typing, such a hard job for an Affie anyway.....

Talk soon,
Yours BISju
Back in Town2003-10-31 - 21:46
Welcome.........and sorry I forgot about you guys for a while.

It has been an intense year for me.
Since last time I wrote something in here I wasn't perfectly healthy for months.
My pancreas did not do what it's supposed too.
And a dog doesn't get happy from having pain in his tummy.
I lost pretty much coat because of it and like any normal Afghan I didn't appreciate that at all.
That's why mom and dad didn't take me to alot of shows this year.

But now, fortunately I am back on my feet again
I feel fantastic and my coat is growing back.

So, in september 2003, for the first time since half a year, I was able to enter a show again.
And believe me.......that was a ball after such a long time!
I did my very best and showed myself for all I am worth..........
and I won my second German CC and BOS indeed.
I have to say a big THANK YOU to the judge Mrs.Rödde for making me and mum so happy.

At home things have changed too...Yanky lives here since July 2003 and I'm still not sure: do I like him or not?
A positive thing about him is: I don't need to look after Tinah all the time,he's doing that job for me now......
So I sleep a little longer and mommy spoils me a bit extra these days.
And when I feel like playing, I know they are waiting for me.

All good things have their downsides though.....
In this situation the downside is:
I need to figure out how to stay chief in charge and that's a pretty hard task.
The little Welsh monster is very dominating and always wants things his way!

I think I will wait and see till he is grown up
I will NOT get excited just because of an adolescent.....

For the time being I am very busy, enjoying life and preparing myself
for my comeback in 2004.....
I hope I can enter a few shows then and I will see you all there.......

Now it's dinnertime....YUMMYYYYYYYYYY
I have to be first, soooooooo

See Ya..................
Little red monsters2003-06-18 - 10:59
Well, just like I thought in 2002 Tinah joined us in the house.
A pretty strange experience to have a little red monster that's always
jumping on me and biting me.

Now she's all grown up and she's perfect for running and playing.
She always wants to win and be the boss over me.
That's something I clearly can't approve being a real man!
But I have to be honest with you folks, sometimes I really have big
problems taming her.

I'll keep you informed on business over here.......

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's Biju .................again!

I haven't told you my people also have a CAT!

Yeah, I know, it's not my choice either. But it's something we will have
to deal with.
He's red just like us only a lot smaller.
I used to think he was a toy for us to chase around in the garden, but
now I know that isn't the reason my people have him.

Romario ( that's his name) is a pretty mean creature for his size and his
nails aren't things to fool with.
The worst thing about him is that he thinks he is an Afghan Hound too!
He sleeps on top of me, and that's pretty embarrassing for a men like me.
And even worse is admitting he has a certain amount of control over

In my defense I always tell people it's because of his nails, but deep
inside I just love the stupid cat!
The real man2003-05-25 - 10:29
I'm very sorry for not writing to you people for a time, but in octobre 2001
I lost my best friend.

Tayfun was very sick and the last moment with us he was really angry
with me. That was something I didn't understand because I behaved
like an angel. But if you make me choose, I would have chosen
the Tayfun that was angry with me over no Tayfun at all.
It's really quiet here now??..
No more naughty things like we always did together, no more hiding
for each other. I have to do that stuff alone now.
I'm glad I still have Rani. But everybody knows what women are like.
They have a headache or they're moody and tired. Sometimes when
are inside the house I drive her a bit crazy. We race over the table
and the chairs but like always in the end she tackles me, gets on top of
me and that's the end of the fun???..Rani you're a loser ( I got you last time)

But now there's new hope, because I eavesdropped on my people and
I heard them talking about a puppy. So who knows, what's going to happen
in the future.
Oh, I almost forgot. Last year between shows I got my coursinglicence.
And this year I wanna get my runninglicence too!
Mommy says I have to stop writing now???and as a momma?s baby should,
I will listen to her.