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Hello and welcome to my personal page on the El Tayranil's website.

I will give you a short introduction about who I am......


My pedigreename is Way Up Mr.Mister
The wellinformed ones amongst you now know Im from Italy and a cousin to Shakka
My parents are the beautiful Kouris Immagine and Alphaville's Perfect Match.

Mum and dad decided to call me Maestro, but I think they didnt have a clue of how true that name is.

Im a Maestro, Im full of myself, very full, I conduct!!! a matter of fact Im sooo full of myself that I rule Biju and Tinah already.....

Shakka keeps telling me, that its only a matter of time, and the two reds only try to be polite because im tiny and they are afraid they will hurt me.
He says, wait till you are a bit older and they will show their true colours.......hmmmm
Do you think they really will be that nasty to me?????
Im cute and nice and sweet and innocent and I only want to plaaayyyyyyy.
They should understand????....shouldnt they??????

Ohhhhh anyways, perhaps by the time they get fed up, they got used my me and my strong will and will give up before we disagree.

For the time being I use them like I want to use "ragdolls"

Mum aint pleased about that at all because she wanted to show Biju in veteranclass.
To be honest, I dont think she stands a chance, I can see Bijus ears grow shorter and shorter hahahahahhaha......

Anyway, I think Im cute and nice and certainly they should be extremely pleased with me instead moan about little details, like coats and ego's of their other dogs.

Its now time for dinner, need to do alot of growing and playing...makes me hungry,
So I will be back with updates soon.

Ciao people
Your Macho Maestro!

NEAR Italian Ch.!!!2012-03-08 - 23:19

Mum brought me home from Italy half december 2011 with a bag full of ribbons.

I won 5 Italian CC's 7 CACIB's, CC Austria and CC Slovenia, plus 2 GROUP2 placements.

Quite an achievement in 12 shows in 3 countries.

I am now in the waitingtime for Int.CH. and need 2 more Italian Specialty CC's to complete my Italian Championship.

I was so happy to see old Biju again....I really missed him alot,


I miss my Italian way of life a little bit but mum promised me I can go back to finsh my Championships next year.


Whoopie Note:

Mum and me flew back to Italy end of january 2012, and guess what??????

I WON the first of the two needed SPECIALTY CC's

Also together with my juniorhandler we won 3th place in a heavy competition in Juniorhandling.


After all this excitement I have very very sad news to share with you:

My sooo beloved and admired Biju left this world for a better place 23 february 2012.

He left all of us behind totally heartbroken, I so so miss my adopted daddy, he was everything to me.

We will meet again Biju, and once more i will curl up between your legs,

Wetty kiss,

Your Maestro


NEWS FROM ITALY2012-03-07 - 22:38

Quick update all the way from Italy




I am in Italy since 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After a very boring year at home it finally is my turn to have a holiday

I almost gave up hope, I saw Yentle leave for holidays in USA last year december.......for 4!!!! whole months.....NOT fair at all.....


He is younger then me and got this opportunity and poor gorgeous me had to stay home.


Dont get me wrong, I love mum and dad and I have to look after old Biju of course, but a little voice in my head kept saying:


NOT YOU????......why not you Maestro?


In march this year i started to understand it a little better.

I heard mum talk to my breedermum in Italy to arrange my planned stay at Way Up.

You cannot imagine how relieved I was...

They DIDNT forget about me!!!!!! NOOOO NOOOO, They seriously planned this long time ago and waited for the right moment for me to shine.


Well, as i already said...I arrived 2 weeks ago in Italy and ohhh boyyyyyy believe me:




I hear you think why?????


OK, imagine:

Sun, warm, huge playgrounds, people that think Im a superb and so sweet easygoing Afghan and most of all:


Girls girls girls....too many to count, to many to chase at the same time.....

Too many to convince how charming and handsome I am.........


No, No worries, it takes a little time, but believe me, I am gonna convince them all........


Just before I left I got news from my favorite son in Norway: Casanova, and gosh THAT was some news

Casi won CC at an int show out of juniorclass and is now Crufts qualified for 2012.


Not fair......I am not......and this 15 months young kid takes it simply in his stride.


But Casi, wait and see....I will try my best to compete with you to also achieve it!!!


My showcarreer in Italy started last week with a BANGGGGGGG


Daniele ( my handler) and me travelled to Trieste and i felt i had to prove my oustanding showmanship and qualities immediately

(better to get over with such things asap....heheheheh)


I won CC, CACIB BOB and if that wasnt enough prove I also took second place in group10!!!!!!!!!!


Hey mum, dad and Agnese.........surpriseeeeeee, i know that has left ya all gobsmacked and without words, but a Mister aka Maestro has to show that he got his name for a reason....................


I hope to be able to bring more good news the next 2 months, so stay tuned.......


The Maestro


Whoopie Note:,


Its now 2 november 2011. and after my first win in Italy I went on winning the CC and CACIB in Austria, Res CC Italy, res CC DWZRV and res CC VDH at the Euro Sighthoundshow in Italy and CC, CACIB, BOB and Group2 at Bastia Int.Show in Italy...


I have more shows planned so stay tuned, keep your fingers crossed for me and check the resultspage once in while to see if keeping everything crossed helped!!!!!!!!!!

MISTER DAD2010-05-12 - 22:03
Bon Giorno again,
I should have written to you a bit sooner, I know, sorry fort that,
But life has been quite hectic for me.
Of course I have been terrorized bigtime by Shakkas son Yentle, whilst Shakka himself smiling produced 2 more litters, leaving me alone with the education of his son here,
Not fair at all!!!!!!
I told Shakka Iwill NOT, I repeat NOT ever look after one of his critters again.
Between all the looking after a stupid pup I attended some shows also.
In aug 2009 Agnese, my breedermum and co-owner handled me at the double show in Donaueschingen (Germany) towards some great results.
The first day I won intermediateclass AND the res.CC over many Championmales and on top of that me and my stunning twinsister Way Up Vanilla Fadge won the Braceclass over 20 !!! other sighthoundbraces.
Agnese, mum, dad and all our friends were gobsmacked with that win.
The second day I won my class again, and Vanilla and me repeated our success in the braceclass……..gosh what a weekend that was, one to never ever forget!
In Germany, Mike Wright and me won a second place in intermediate class as the prestigious Bundessieger show in Dortmund.
My res VDH CC there counts for a full one.
Soooooo, I cant complain at all I think, BUT
The best thing had yet to happen:
Mrs Stein from Vom Deilbachtal Afghans saw me at the show in Dortmund and fell in love with me.
She decided to ask me to be the daddy to her future C litter.
In march 2010 I mated Serra Parecis Isabelle Adjani and since 6 may 2010 I may call myself the proud Daddy of 3 daughters and 3 sons……
Go figure Shakka, hahahaha no need to be arrogant anymore at all, I know how to do the trick also…………………………..
I sure hope to meet you all very soon at some shows and till that moment I say
Nite Nite, bye bye, love ya all

Hi peeps,


Im back finally to tell you how my life went on since my introduction........


My humanmum has been very sick for over a year, so there was not much fun to tell you, but she is much better now and because of that I like to write now.


Since I was a puppy lots of things changed, Im still a toyboy and love to play BUT I grew into a gorgeous showdog as well.

I was 9 months old when mum and dad started to enter me in juniorclass in Holland and auntie Paula (Paula Kenny, Ultimate Choice Afghans) was so kind to handle me trough juniorclass and still handles me rightnow in intermediate class.


I was able to win the titel Dutch Junior Champion and on top of that Im the proud owner of one CAC and one res.CAC yeeeeeeeeeeee


Mum and me did 2 smaller open shows over the past 6 months, both with great result.

I won the houndgroup at the first show at only 15 months of age,

A week ago mum and me attended a Specialty for all breeds under 24 months AND yet again I did very well, we won my agegroup (15-24 months) and went on to win Res.BIS.........................................................................


At home lots have changed as well, we lost Tinah last year when my mummy was so sick, it was such a sad time, I still miss that grumpy firey lady, although I finally can play with my toys now without being told of hahahahahaha


BUT I got a new playmate, Yentle (Silly Putty's Womanizer) is Shakkas son and a few weeks ago he came to stay with us.

He has such a weird color, never seen anything like him, but daddy says its called domino and it is a common color all over the world exept for Holland........hmmmm they always want to have something special.............


I sure hope to meet some of you in and outisde the showrings of Holland, Belgium and Germany soon..........

We can have a playyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy then hm??????????????????????


Well, im done, its to hot here to sit here for ages, im of to play with Yentle,

Maestro Man