BROWN EYED GOLDEN BOY2008-04-13 - 10:09

This poem was written by Maaike, she met Yanky 6 months ago and instantly fell in love with him......as Yanky did with her............

Brown golden eyes
At first so insecure
desperate for love

Gentle eyes
that see so much
paws that have
The quiet touch

The connection
With that brown golden eyed dog
He decides to walk to me
By just looking
He tells me
I'm OK with you......

Behind brown golden eyes
So afraid of the world
looking at me
whilst layin'next to me on the couch
I'm OK with you..........

I look at him
Brown golden eyed dog


Maaike Schansman.

FOREVER HEARTHOUND2008-04-13 - 10:08

Sillouetted against an orange night
Your spirit soars as if for flight
It's a long long journey - you have to go
To travel far your spirt flow

Your earthly body couldn't cope
Any more you lost your hope
To stay upon this precious land
You had to go - and take your stand

The journey on you'd make alone
Until you found your spirital home
But rest assured you're not forgotten
For Gonny left behind, remembers you often

There's not a moment in any day
That your memory is far away
For Gonny she cry's for your spirit to be near
To smell your smell, to share your fear

For you are truly a part of her life
To have to go, cuts her like a knife
To leave your loved ones makes you sad
For you remember all you had

The warm embrace, the cuddles galore
Only make you want her more
So you will wait, at Rainbow's End
Until you're both together again

Love from Mo Hudson and Khali

THE PRINCE2008-04-13 - 10:06

A Dream or a Nightmare

I heard of your existence, saw your picture
and dreamt of it for weeks
You looked just like that other black one
The sweetest, that died so young

Then I saw you for the first time
Oh, your look, that was it, wasn't it?
I cried...of happiness
It seemed like it was meant to be

Ofcourse you had to come to us
No doubt about it....
Just two more weeks and my dream would become reality

Until... happiness changed into pain,
hopeful waiting turned into deep sorrow

Anonymous phonecalls, mean imputation, vicious slander and threats...

You won't be coming here, evil won
people with only hate as feeling
They're victorious over people that still have dreams, and are honest.

Dear Prince, you have no idea what was going on,
Be happy, where ever you are.
Before the nightmare begun...
you briefly were my Dream


MEMORIES2008-04-13 - 10:02


So many beautiful, joyful, cherished memories
Four years long
Photos, trophys and wins
Collar, lead, your personal chair
So very prominent in my mind, in my heart STILL
But never to be had again
Not a single day you not fill my thoughts
Never out of my memory

My shadow
Two very long years
Bad memories
Trying to erase the good ones

The discovery of your illness
Ar such a young age
Then a period of hope
That was gone so quickly
Pain, anger, sadness, incomprehension
Caused by people with interests other then your welfare
Caused by feeling hopeless........helpless

Now, two years later
The black shadow is lifting
Not forgotten.....but dealt with
The memory of
Pure, unconditional love
For four informative and beautiful years

That memory is you